How to find
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The hardest part of winning scholarships is finding them.
Let us curate a personalized list of 20+ scholarships just for you

Ready to save time and win money?

After years of meeting 1:1 with students and discussing their college plans, I've realized that teens get lost in the scholarships search, spending so much time and effort looking for scholarships and only coming across a few that they meet the requirements for that they spend very little time actually applying for them.


Let me take the guesswork out of the scholarship search.

I guarantee that the scholarships I find for you are relevant and legitimate so you can spend your time focusing on submitting quality applications rather than getting lost in the scholarship search. I will provide you with a digital organizer with 20+ scholarships that you meet all the requirements for.

You and your debt-free degree can thank me later.

There are over 1.8 million  scholarships on the world wide web, and the truth is, the majority of them are not meant for you.

Tired of hitting dead ends and roadblocks in your search for scholarships?
Or maybe you haven't had the time to even begin looking?

Frequently Asked Questions

I personally vet each scholarship and click through the links myself. I'll never include the generic "$2,000 scholarship winner every month just for creating an account on my scholarship website" type of scholarships.

There will never be a scholarship that requires payment, not to apply or to collect your award money. Beware of those scams. I go over the different in the digital workshop thats included with your search.

I start with scholarships at your specific high school, then your town, your state, the colleges you're applying to, the career fields you're interested in, hobbies you have, your employer, the list is endless. The more info you provide for me in your intake questionnaire, the more scholarships I can provide for you.

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